ViaTec offers a full range of manual and semi-automatic probe stations, such as the Micromanipulator P200A, P300A, 2210-LS, and the 450PM probe stations, Micromanipulator analytical probe stations, Micromanipulator manual probe stations, Micromanipulator semi-automatic probe stations, Micromanipulator automatic probe stations.  Also work with Semiprobe manual probers, Semiprobe semi-automatic probe stations, Signatone manual probers, Signatone semi-automatic probe stations, Suss Microtech probe stations, MicroXact manual probers, MicroXact analytical probers, Cascade Microtec manual probers, and Cascade Microtech semi-automatic probe stations.  Also offer Failure Analysis F/A and sample preparation equipment, such as the Elite Etch decapsulator, Nisene Jet Etch decapsulator,  micromill machines offered by RKD Engineering, that compete with the Jet Etch by Nisene, acid decapsulators.  The OneBox burn-in oven, which competes with Blue-M, Despatch,Lunaire burn-in ovens, burn-in sockets, decapsulators, test sockets, surface mount burn-in sockets, burn-in test systems, and burn-in sockets.  Offer a line of Temperature cycling systems, temperature forcing systems, thermojet, thermalstreams, thermostreams, test fixtures, RF and Microwave test fixtures, environmental test systems, thermal cycling equipment, temperature characterization equipment, thermal characterization equipment, thermal stress systems, thermal control systems, that compete with Temptronic, Thermonics, Silicon Thermal, Sigma Systems Corporation, Thermostreams, such as the TP04300, TP04310, T2500, TP4500, TP04390, and ovens.  We represent Avio bonders and seam sealers, Exatron, SP Scientific, FTS Systems, Wells-CTI, Sensata, Khoury Industries, RKD Engineering decapsulators, Left Coast Instruments, Micromanipulator probers, Camtek and August Rudolph wafer inspection systems, Exatron, Rasco, MCT, Multitest, Exatron pick & place, tape and reel  and gravity feed semiconductor handlers, markers, programmers and automatic handlers.  Avio micro joining, seam sealing, seam sealers, bonders, welders, pulse heat welders, ultrasonic welders and laser welders and bonders.

ViaTec is a technical sales organization dedicated to the long term success of it’s customers, delivering in-depth product expertise, proactive problem-solving and reliable after-sale service to companies in the Semiconductor, Microwave, Military & Aerospace, and Automotive Electronics industries throughout the Eastern United States. 

ViaTec represents a select group of semiconductor equipment manufacturers that are leaders in their fields who demonstrate an abiding dedication to support their equipment and customers.  
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